Technology Staff

Technology Staff Contacts And Information

In order to provide you with the best possible support, please use the following contacts for your technology support needs.


Arismendy Almonte – Supervisor of Technology
District Office
(732) 257-3300 x1932 

Johann Ferreras - Network Manager and Software Analyst
District Office
(732) 257-3300 x1872 

Joseph Decker – Technical Specialist
District Office
(732) 257-3300 x1940 

Alison Baumlin - Educational Assessment and Data Manager
District Office
(732) 257-3300 x1873  

Frank Ladjack, Computer and Network Specialist
(732) 257-3300 x1870 

Jessie Crespo, Senior Computer and Media Technician
(732) 257-3300 x1871 


 Helpdesk - (732) 257-3300 x1938